Medical Tattooing

MCA - Multitrepannic collagen actuation
(Dry Needling) overview

Burns/Raised Scars

Multitrepannic collagen actuation is for people who suffer from tight, painful or strong scar tissue i.e burns and ropy scars. A technique called dry needling is given whereby a probe breaks the surface of the skin (similar to tattooing without ink) helping to soften and relax the scar. This process can actually stimulate collagen and elastin production making it a great treatment for wrinkles too (see the contour roller treatment).

Stretch Marks/Acne Scars/Indented scars

Severe stretch marks and other indented scars can benefit from the application of Dry Needling. Stretch marks are very traumatic for some people and the thought of improving the appearance is ‘a dream come true’, but you must be aware that this procedure is not a magic wand, and will not make the scars disappear!

Over a course of treatments it is possible to soften stretch marks and give the scars a better appearance. This treatment can build the integrity of this skin within an indented scar so that the skin can appear to look less indented or thin.

Scars & Burns - relaxing the scar

For people who have suffered loss of pigmentation through burns or scarring, medical tattooing can help blend in and soften the appearance using the camouflage technique.

Dramatic results can be achieved on dark coloured skins. Note: scar tissue is unpredictable and may take additional treatments to complete.